Jadience Herbal Formulas

I love Jadience Herbal Formulas, they smell amazingly refreshing and rejuvenating. When I began planning the benefit event for my friend, I decided to contact Jadience. What a great decision! They sent a donation package right out.

I also love that Jadience products are so carefully packaged and how everything looks so clean and neat.

I personally buy Jadience Harmonizing Mask. It's great for the face but also for my mind, it's herbal aroma is so wonderful it's completely relaxing for my body, mind and soul.

You can purchase this product at fine retailers or online at NaturalSkinRX.   

Learn more about  Jadience Herbal Formulas on their website.
Or find it in a Salon near you, http://www.jadience.com/locator. 

Find Jadience on twitter and facebook.

Special thanks to Jadience for their support for my friends family at this time! 

 *Disclaimer: This is my own honest opinion. No money was exchanged. All I received were free products so I could share my opinion about them.*


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