Wedding Dress Mistakes

Finding the right dress can be the biggest challenge of planning your wedding. Here is a helpful article from Wedding Day to give you some tips to avoid while shopping.

Top 10 Mistakes Brides Make When Buying a Wedding Gown

By: Pamela Betts : September, 27th 2010

10. Not Wearing Underwear. Seriously ladies. Wear underwear when going to try on wedding gowns. This is especially true if you are going to an upscale salon at which consultants will be helping you into sample gowns. Remember: their perspective is from the bottom of the zipper. Also recommended: a strapless bra and a body slimmer.

9. Accepting Poor or Disrespectful Treatment From a Bridal Salon. You are making the largest purchase of clothing in your life for a very special day. If a salon doesn’t make you feel welcome, or doesn’t honor appointment times, walk out. If you are a tiny, short or plus-size bride, it’s a consultant’s job to work with you – without being disrespectful of your body type. Remember: all brides are beautiful and should be treated as the gorgeous women you are.

8. Being Rigid About the Color. An absolutely blazingly bright white gown doesn’t look good with all skin tones. Off white (often called “diamond”) or ivory can look much better than white. Remember: your guests will perceive you walking down the aisle in white, and there are endless varieties of white.

7. Getting Stuck on One Style of Gown. Even if you’ve always pictured yourself “Hollywood Glam” with a sleek gown and a birdcage veil, it may not be your best look. Try it out, then listen to your consultant. Or Mom. Your consultant knows her stock, if she suggests a gown, even if you don’t like the look of it, be open minded. Try it on. Remember: you might just be looking at the dress of your dreams

6. Judging a Dress-In-A-Bag. If your bridal salon allows you to look in the stock room at dresses in bags, remember, they all look… well… like dresses in bags. If anything about the dress intrigues you – the beading, the color, a piece of lace, ask to try it on. Remember: a gown always looks better out of the bag and on you.

5. Choosing a Dress By Committee. Large entourages can often cause more problems than help. Too many opinions, though well-meant, can often cause confusion with multiple opinions (and sometimes a snarky comment) flying around the salon. Good friends and family often feel comfortable offering advice, when what you need is help narrowing your choice. Consider asking one or two people who support your choices while being objective. Remember: the final choice comes down to the dress you love and that will make you feel like a beautiful bride.

4. Purchasing a Dress Online. While there are certainly above-board internet sellers, the ugly truth is there are many more companies who aren’t. You might save money up front, but each week we hear horror stories about wrong sizes, wrong color, wrong style and no returns. One website even says the style, color and size are not guaranteed. Online education is a fabulous way to use the internet. Look at styles, costs, accessories. Remember: a brick-and-mortar store has actual gowns to try on, reputations to protect, and real people to help you.

3. Not Asking Questions. Will the salon take returns? What about layaway? Alterations? Some salons will charge for a gown bag. What size samples do they carry? Do they take/require appointments? Do they sell bridesmaid dresses? Mother’s dresses? What is their price range? Do they charge extra for plus sizes, extra length, etc.? Remember: Your wedding gown is a big purchase, educate yourself.

2. Not Budgeting for Your Dress. Bridal salons just hate it when a bride tries on a gown that is out of her budget, she then falls in love with it, and leaves crying because she can’t afford it. One of the first questions you will be asked at a bridal salon will be your budget. They shouldn’t be asking so they can sell you their most expensive gown, rather, so they know what gowns to show you. Remember: you will need foundation garments, shoes, a veil or headpiece, jewelry, and other accessories, plus tax, so get your budget in hand before you shop.

1. Waiting Too Long to Buy Your Dress. In our world of instant access, express shipping, and immediate response, it’s hard to believe it takes up to 6 months to order a wedding gown, and that time frame is getting longer. The vast majority of bridal gowns are made overseas and designers generally do not have gowns hanging in a warehouse ready to ship. There are also specific seasons when factories are closed. Although it may seem cliché, the time to buy a dress is when you decide on it. Remember: a year in advance is not too soon to buy a gown.


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