Hard Candy Cosmetics (Review)

 If you haven’t heard of Hard Candy Cosmetics you’re missing out!  With their “off the charts products, intense color, wild packaging and a flair for the dramatic," who could resist!?!  I was recently sent 3 products to try.

1000 Lashes Mascara: I have tried many inexpensive mascara’s in my time and I have to say this one is good quality for the price! I was really surprised! It made my lashes look longer and fuller. It didn’t clump together like other mascara’s. This is a must try! It’s available at WalMart for just $6.

Take Me Out Liner in silver: The ideal liner should glide on smooth. Now the Take Me out Liner wasn’t bad, but I felt that it was a little hard, no different than any other liner I've tried.  Just hold it up to the light to soften it for a few seconds, and it will go on just fine and stay put all day.

Lip Gloss: The color was a little bright for my style but I was surprised at how well it glides on and stays put all day.

Overall, I have to say I will be using Hard Candy Cosmetics again. Great products at a low price, the entire collection is available at WalMart and everything is under $10! Definitely worth a try!

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  No money was exchanged.  All I received were free products to review so I could share my opinion about them.*


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