A Home-Made Wedding Part: 2

While searching for ideas for my wedding on the internet I came across a tablecloth decoration that had the bride and grooms name and the date of their marriage. It was absolutely exquisite but it was over $100!! So, of course, I decided to make one!

My sister cut out the words and numbers with her Silhuette SD machine onto heat transfer fabric. She mailed them to me and with the help of my wonderful fiancĂ© we ironed them onto the tablecloth. Altogether it cost us around $50 to make, that’s including the price of 2 rolls of heat transfer, which wasn’t used all the way. For half the price and all the fun we had putting it together I think it was totally worth it, and it was really easy!

(To make it even cheaper you could do just one color of heat transfer, they are $20 a roll. Or, if you are brave, you could try fabric paint or stitching fabric words and numbers onto the tablecloth.)

Good Luck! Have Fun, and Enjoy!

~The Newly-wed


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