A Home-Made Wedding Part: 3 DYI Bouquet Tutorial

My bouquet was the first thing I made, thanks to the help of my sister…by the way she makes amazing bouquets which she sells on etsy! Check it out here!

It was really easy to make my bouquet. I went to Michaels craft store and picked out the flowers that I wanted and bunched them all together until I was satisfied with how big it was. When I got home we cut the stems with wire cutters, they can be all the same size but its better if you make the ones that are going to be on top a little longer. You wrap all the stems with green floral tape; this makes them look more real, and you put them into the arrangement that you want to keep them in, start with your center flower and add them in a circular fashion. Now you can wrap all the stems together with floral tape around the middle while adding in extra items like flowers or beads, I did beads.

Make sure not to go too high or too low when wrapping them all together if you are planning to show the individual stems. Now you use super glue to glue down the start of your ribbon and when you are done wrapping you glue down the last piece so that it’s not obvious.

On mine I added more ribbon on the top, which is tied in a love knot and sewed/glued three rhinestones onto it. There are several different ways to do the ribbons; you can find lots of ideas on the web to help you.
A nice trick I used was to super glue some of the peddles up and more importantly I used it on those green thingys on the bottom. This makes them look a lot better, if you have too many peddles hanging down they look wilted. And I mean, common, you definitely don't need fake flowers to look wilted!


Mindy said...

I love your bouquet! I love the design of the ribbon on the stems ... I think I need a tutorial for that! ^_^

Trace said...

Thanks Mindy! To do the love knots you find the middle of your ribbon, place this at the top or bottom of your stem, bring the two ends to the top and twist them one time. Then you wrap the ribbon around the stem and repeat. It looks a lot harder than it is, that's what I love about it!! Good Luck!

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