A Home-Made Wedding Part: 4 DYI Boutonnier and Corsage Tutorial

These were super easy.  To start, go to your local craft store and find the type of flower that you would like. I did roses. You need to make sure that the flower you pick is not too big; this was really hard for me to find the size that I wanted.

When you get home, cut the stems with wire cutters, you don’t want them to be very long. I cut mine to about 1 ½ inches in length. Next I wrapped the stems in floral tape. If you wanted to add an ornament such as flowers, beads, feathers, this is where you would do that. Also keep in mind that you want the groom’s boutonniere to be different from the rest. I tied a tiny bow onto the stem of my boutonnieres; the ribbon I used for these matched the ribbon on the corsages, except the groom’s matched my bouquet.

And that’s it; you just do that for as many as you want. Pretty easy! You can find boutonniere pins at most stores: Joann’s, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, even Wal-Mart.

I was really nervous to make these, but they actually were pretty easy. I chose a chrysanthemum for the main flower and to add color I found a smaller flower that I glued onto it. I glued tulle to the back of the chrysanthemum to give it some depth. I’ve seen people use lots of things for corsages, feathers are really popular, I personally liked the tulle better.

Next I glued a long piece of ribbon to the bottom; I made mine long so that when they were tied onto the wrist it would be a bigger bow. Last, I added some felt to the bottom, this made it more clean looking and more comfortable to wear. 


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