First off I have to say how much I love Kimberly and Darrell at YBF-Skincare! I've worked with them in the past and I love their products, I buy them myself because I know they work! When I started organizing the silent auction for my friend I thought I should contact some of the sponsors I have worked with in the past. I heard back from Kimberly right away. They immediately sent out 3 baskets worth of products. I'm so glad to have had them as a sponsor for my friends event. As I said I love Kimberly and Darrell, they are real people that take pride in and run their own business, they interact with their fans daily on twitter and facebook.

YBF Products: . Made for both men and women of any age. Their products contain high levels of antioxidants, skin enhancing peptides, and botanical extracts. They use active ingredients such as spin trap, nutmeg butter and other extracts. There are no added perfumes. Their products just naturally smell amazing! Their products are pumped out in airless pumps, which allows for minimal preservatives.

Some of the products I love:
Balance:$45 regulates shine, calms irritation and encourages clear skin. It calms your skin and absorbs excess oil, it fights against new breakouts as well as helps decrease the duration and damage of existing breakouts. I've been using balance for years now and nothing helps keep my face under control like Balance does.

Quench Lip Treatment: $15. Everyone must have this!! It's the best lip balm I have ever tried. It really makes your lips soft and beautiful. Not only does it make your lips feel good but it also keeps your lips naturally full, bright and youthful-looking. You might think $15 is a lot for lip balm, but let me tell you, it works so well, you don't have to apply it as often as other lip balms. If you want to try YBF-Skincare to see if it work, try this one, it's amazing!  

Please stop by YBF-Skincare's site and look around. Try their products. I guarantee you will love it!
Like them on Facebook and Twitter. They are often running promotions and publish them there. 

 *Disclaimer:This is my own honest opinion. No money was exchanged. All I received were free products so I could share my opinion.*


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