Guest Post: The Vintage Modern Bride

Hey everyone! I'm Stephanie from The Vintage Modern Bride. I'm so excited to post here today. Thanks so much Jenette for the opportunity!

Well, I guess I should tell you a little bit about me...

This is me and my fiance, Mathew. Yep...with one "t". We met almost 4 years ago through Facebook (crazy, right? we live in such a media oriented world nowadays!) and have been dating almost 3 years. Last year on my birthday (July 17) Mathew proposed to me in front of all our family and friends. It was an incredibly exciting day for us and it was a birthday I'll never forget.

As soon as we got engaged, I thrust myself into as much wedding planning as I could. We decided on December 3 of this year, which led us to have a 17 month engagement. It's been long, and trust me, we've wanted to run and elope- but we're excited it's only 3 months away. Six months into our engagement, though, I discovered wedding blogs and haven't turned back ever since.

My own blog is growing every week and I've been so fortunate to have a lot of requests to showcase products and host giveaways. Right now, I'm having a giveaway for 100 postcards from UPrinting so you should definitely check that out.

UPrinting has SO many awesome stuff on their website, and these postcards, my friends, are NO exception. Plus, when do you have a chance to win 100 of them!?

So go ahead, check out my blog, maybe even follow me, and enter my giveaway . Who could be the lucky winner!


Kelley @ said...

showing my love to my best blogging buddy Steph! :)

Heather said...

Great post by one of my all-time favorite bloggers! :)

Saying I do said...

excellent post, I def. love following Stephanie!

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